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The resources at New Waters Recovery have been carefully curated by leading medical professionals with the aim of providing the most up-to-date, relevant, and medically accurate information available on drug and alcohol addiction treatment, as well as mental health treatment. We’ve crafted resources covering a wide range of topics related to substance use disorder and mental health issues. These have been medically reviewed by a licensed Medical Doctor to ensure their medical accuracy.

Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Resources

New Waters Recovery, a premier drug and alcohol detox center with integrated psychological testing, is dedicated to helping individuals heal and lead abundant lives. We offer top-notch resources, validated by a licensed Medical Doctor, to aid your recovery journey. These carefully selected resources are designed to empower you with vital information as you embark on your path to healing.

How Do Psychological Testing and Assessments Work?

The mental health crisis continues to be of concern in countries worldwide. Unfortunately, major global disruptions like the...

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What is a Psych Test Drawing?

Whenever we express ourselves on paper, through the words we write, or the pictures we draw, our personality...

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How Much Does a Psychological Evaluation Cost?

A psychological evaluation is an assessment of a person’s mental state and behavior conducted by a licensed psychologist....

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What is an Adult Psychological Evaluation?

If you or one of your family members has ever been referred for psychological testing, it’s natural to...

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What are Some Common Psychiatric Lab Tests?

Understanding the intricacies of the human mind isn’t something that can be done through observation alone. So while...

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What is a Mental Health Intake Assessment?

Ensuring a successful therapeutic process starts with the intake process, a crucial step in laying a solid foundation...

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What is a Private Psychiatric Assessment?

The customary approach to mental health assessment is well-known to many – discussing symptoms and history with a...

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What is a Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation?

Many of us have faced or have known family members who have faced mental health challenges at some...

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What is Differential Psychology?

Psychology studies human behavior on three distinct levels – universal traits shared by all individuals, specific attributes unique...

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What are the Different Types of Psychological Tests?

At some point in life, you may receive a referral to receive some form of psychological testing. For...

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What is a Psychoeducational Evaluation?

As caregivers, our primary goal is to support our children in every aspect of their lives. However, despite...

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What are Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluations?

Getting support from trained psychologists is important, especially when there is the potential of certain underlying medical conditions...

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