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Why Drug Rehab in North Carolina is the Best First Step to Recovery


North Carolina Drug Rehab

If you are seeking a alcohol rehab program or drug rehab in North Carolina, New Waters Recovery can help you become sober and medically cleared to receive treatment.

Our state-of-the-art treatment center supports individuals in crisis—and their families—in taking the first critical steps toward healing and recovery. Our skilled treatment team can help manage withdrawal symptoms, diagnose mental health disorders, taper individuals off of substances, and create a personalized plan of action for those struggling with addiction. Following treatment at our facility, we can coordinate the transition to an outpatient or inpatient rehab program in North Carolina or surrounding states.

New Waters’ inpatient treatment and clinical assessment programs are separate but interconnected. Clients have the choice to enroll in one or both programs, depending on their needs and specific situation. Our 7-day assessment track is one of the most comprehensive in the area, with a full range of psychiatric and bio-psychosocial testing that assists clients in understanding the underlying causes of their addictive behavior or mental health symptoms. In addition, we offer a range of holistic therapeutic services, including IV therapy, massage, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture.

To learn more about our programs and the North Carolina drug rehabs we work with, contact a member of our team today. We would be happy to provide a confidential consultation and answer any questions you may have about our treatment services.

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Why New Waters is the Best First Step

Most drug rehab centers in North Carolina require that an individual be sober and medically stable before admission. There are several reasons for this. First, withdrawal symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it is recommended that a person with a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol get sober under the care and supervision of medical professionals. A rehab center might not be qualified or prepared to respond to withdrawal-related medical emergencies. Second, therapy, group work, and other addiction treatment services require a clear mind and stable physical state. Individuals in active addiction will not be able to participate fully in substance abuse services and may be a distraction or temptation to others in the program. Finally, becoming sober demonstrates that an individual is willing to change and has the ability to stop using substances, at least temporarily. This is an indicator that they are ready to move to the next step of addiction recovery.

New Waters Recovery is the best first step for those seeking addiction treatment and mental health services in North Carolina. We help our clients break the cycle of crisis and find a place of stability and support so that they can plan and prepare for the next stage of their recovery journey.

All too often, addiction treatment centers can become a revolving door as clients leave outpatient or inpatient treatment only to relapse shortly afterwards. This can be discouraging for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and creates additional strain on their families, both emotionally and financially.

We believe it is crucial to provide thorough treatment services that accurately identify the underlying causes of a person’s addictive behavior or mental health disorder. By understanding the root of the symptoms, we can recommend targeted treatment programs and mental health providers, giving our clients the best chance at successful, long-term sobriety. We take exquisite care to place each client in the next best level of care for their unique situation, whether it is a rehab center, outpatient program, sober house, or other.

About Our Services

New Waters’ addiction treatment services are meant to serve as a crisis intervention, helping individuals find relief from the pattern of substance abuse and preparing them to pursue further support at one of the area rehab centers. We treat clients who have formed an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs, as well as those with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorders.

Our skilled treatment providers can help accurately identify the physical and psychological factors contributing to an individual’s substance use disorder or mental health disorder, and offer professional treatment advice for ongoing recovery services.

Treatment options include:

Medical Stabilization for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

This program provides 24/7 medical care and supervision for those seeking to get sober from alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit substances. Each client undergoes a physical and psychological screening which helps determine the appropriate medication assisted treatment for their specific situation, and identifies any potential medical risks. During detox treatment, clients have access to a number of adjunctive services—including massage, yoga, and acupuncture—to help them feel as calm, relaxed, and present as possible during their recovery.

Clinical Assessment and Mental Health Treatment

New Waters offers one of the most comprehensive clinical psychological assessment programs in the area for those with symptoms of substance use disorder and mental health disorders. The program takes place over seven days, during which time clients meet with our psychiatric and mental health team to understand how their childhood, past traumas, relationships, life stressors, physical conditions, and mental state may be contributing to their current patterns and habits. This incredibly detailed process helps us determine the most appropriate treatments for clients, both while they remain under our care and after they transfer out of our treatment center.

Drug Rehab Placement and Aftercare Planning in North Carolina

We view our treatment programs as the first critical step for those seeking long-term healing and relief from addiction and mental health disorder symptoms. We understand that getting sober is just the first stage of a lifelong recovery journey, which is why we are careful to provide accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment recommendations. Following drug & alcohol withdrawal, we help clients transfer to outpatient or inpatient treatment centers in North Carolina or nearby states so that they can continue the work started under our care.

Executive Programming

The New Waters Recovery treatment center features a limited number of private concierge rooms to accommodate executive clients with a need for privacy and confidentiality. We are sensitive to the unique treatment barriers that may exist due to certain lifestyle or career factors, and can provide a highly personalized, luxury treatment experience for those desiring added discretion and support.

While conveniently accessible, our treatment facility is located in a low-profile building with many of the amenities and services one might find at a resort-style treatment center. These include an infrared sauna, on-site fitness center, massage and acupuncture services, and chef prepared meals with personalized meal plans available.

About Our Facility

New Waters Recovery is located in Raleigh, NC, near a major hospital as well as a major airport. We offer private, semi-private and executive accommodations in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Each room is equipped with flat screen televisions and bluetooth headphones, and clients have access to personal food and snacks as well as chef-prepared meals.

We believe that holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul is essential for addiction recovery, so we provide a number of therapeutic services and amenities in addition to our medical and clinical treatment options.

Our treatment center is equipped with a fitness area and an infrared sauna, which help clients restore their physical health and release pent-up stress and emotions during addiction treatment. We also offer massage and acupuncture services, which have been shown to aid the recovery process and promote relaxation. Finally, our treatment facility features a meditation room and outdoor patio so clients can partake in meditation or yoga classes, connect with nature, and get in touch with their thoughts and feelings.

About Our Treatment Approach

The New Waters Recovery takes a holistic, trauma-informed, and evidence-based approach to mental health and substance abuse treatment. We believe that the choice to pursue treatment is a courageous one that should be celebrated, and that the recovery process should feel like coming home to oneself and one’s community. Our tight-knit team has years of professional and personal experience in recovery services and shares a passion for helping individuals grow into the best, most healthy version of themselves. We believe in treating clients with dignity and respect, embodying our core values of: culture, teamwork, innovation, connection, hope, excellence and compassion.


Need a Drug Rehab in North Carolina?

Alcohol and drug addiction create a cycle of pain and shame that can feel overwhelming and hopeless. The first step to breaking the pattern is to seek support from those who understand where you’re coming from and can connect you with the treatment resources you need.

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the team at New Waters is standing by and ready to provide relief, encouragement, and advice for you and your family. Many of us have walked the path of recovery ourselves, or supported loved ones through the process, and we are dedicated to helping others break the chains of addiction.

New Waters offers a point-of-entry for those needing to become sober and medically stable before entering a North Carolina drug rehab or alcohol rehab program. If you are overwhelmed by the number of treatment programs in the state, we can help determine the best option for specific needs, preferences and situation.

Everyone deserves a chance to be free from the grip of addiction and live a life that is fulfilled, connected, and hopeful. Contact our admissions team today to learn more.