A Holistic Detox Center Founded By Someone Who Needed One

Our founder, Graham Doerge, shares the story of how his journey through addiction and recovery was transformed into a career and his life’s mission in this interview with Inside Edition Digital.

8 Signs You're Dealing With A Vulnerable Narcissist

“People with vulnerable narcissism often have a deep need for approval and validation from others and experience feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and depression,” explains Harold Hong M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist at New Waters Recovery in North Carolina.

How To Spot Emotional Manipulation and What To Do About It

New Waters Recovery in-house psychiatrist, Dr. Harold Hong, reveals what emotional manipulation looks like and how to safely navigate a potentially abusive relationship.

Is Sugar Like A Drug? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Connection Between Sugar, Depression, and Addiction

Dr. Harold Hong of New Waters Recovery shares a highly informative interview on the evidence-based connection between gut health, sugar consumption, mental wellness, and addiction.

How To Spot Abandonment Issues and Help Yourself or A Loved One Work Through Them

Abandonment issues can stem from multiple layers of neglect, abuse, or trauma exposure. Dr. Hong of New Waters Recovery talks through what it looks like, how best to navigate it, and how it’s treated.

The Link Between ADHD and Depression

Dr. Harold Hong, a board certified psychiatrist and Medical Director of New Waters Recovery, advised the importance of “early and optimal” treatment in preventing additional psychiatric conditions.

Xanax© Withdrawal Symptoms: Everything You Need To Know

In this interview, New Waters Recovery’s own, Dr. Hong, dives into what Xanax© dependence means in terms of withdrawal symptoms and what could affect the severity of symptoms.

Habit Forming: How To Design A Healthier Life

Medical Director of New Waters Recovery, Dr. Harold Hong, and several other industry experts share their insights on habit forming and practical steps to instilling new, healthy habits in order to create a life you love.

If a Narcissist Cries, Are They Real Tears

Even those with narcissistic personality disorder can, in some cases, feel some level of empathy and ultimately regret certain behaviors,” says Dr. Harold Hong, a board-certified psychiatrist at New Waters Recovery.

Why Close Friendships Are Important for Men's Health

People who lack social support may have a weakened immune system, making them more susceptible to infections and diseases, according to Harold Hong, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist and medical director of New Waters Recovery in North Carolina.

ADHD Medication Shortages: Here’s What You Need To Know

In this interview, Dr. Hong of New Waters Recovery shares how it all started and what the shortage could mean for the Substance Use Disorder community.

Ketamine and Depression: A Necessary Discussion

New Waters Recovery’s resident psychiatrist, Dr. Harold Hong, shares valuable neurological insights into how Ketamine interacts with the brain and its role in psychiatric care.

Why Ketamine Is Being Used As an Antidepressant

Dr. Harold Hong from New Waters Recovery, along with several other respected field experts, discusses the facts and symptoms of ketamine and esketamine for depression treatment.

Detox center opens in Raleigh with elevated privacy

A new client-centered detox and mental health assessment facility in Raleigh is North Carolina’s first fully integrated detox and assessment facility.

Raleigh detox center opens to help patients with addiction

A center for detox and mental health assessment is finally opening up its doors to new clients Raleigh.

Founder of new Raleigh recovery facility shares his story of addiction and the center's plans

Over the last 20 years, more than 28,000 North Carolinians have died because of a drug overdose and substance abuse has only increased as a result of the pandemic. That’s why a new facility in the Triangle is trying to help.

Narcan approved as first OTC overdose reversal drug

New Waters Recovery keeps Narcan supplied throughout the center.