Our Content Promise

At New Waters Recovery, we understand the magnitude of being a trusted source of medical information. As a highly regarded addiction recovery center, we put the health and safety of clients—and their loved ones—first. We give the same care and dedication to what we publish online as we provide our clients.

Here is How We Meet Those Very High Standards, Every Time:


We Only Cite Governmental Agency or Peer-Reviewed Scientific Resources As References

Anything mentioned on this website is thoroughly researched, including referential websites. We only reference peer-reviewed scientific journals, studies, or governmental agency sources backed by data and studies.

All Medical Information is Reviewed for Accuracy

Everything in our content library that pertains to health or medicine is heavily reviewed for both accuracy and quality by clinicians. This extra layer of expertise ensures that we remain a highly trusted source for medical information that’s both scientifically accurate and easy to understand.

We continuously update and reassess our content through established procedures:

  • Routine Checks. Our team conducts frequent reviews of content to keep up with evolving language, medical jargon, and health community trends.
  • Prompt Response to Feedback. We value our readers’ insights and promptly address any concerns they raise. If a reader points out potential content issues—like outdated, ambiguous, or conflicting information—our editorial and medical experts investigate, make necessary changes, and then republish the refined content.

Every Content Contributor is Meticulously Selected

Our content creators are extensively vetted to ensure that they maintain the high level of medical expertise and experience our clients have come to expect of us.

Previous Content is Reviewed to Stay Factually Correct

We consistently review and update the information contained within the articles we have published to ensure that it remains factually correct and contains up-to-date medical information. 

On our content you will see several dates next to our contributors names:

  • Every article on our site has a designated “published on” date indicating when it was first written. If the post has undergone recent revisions, it will display an “updated on” notice.
  • When a piece of content is reviewed by an expert member of our team, it receives a new “medically reviewed on” date.

The Editorial Process


Here at New Waters Recovery, we are committed to only offering you the most accurate, current, and relevant medical information possible.

 To accomplish this, our content undergoes a undergoes rigorous process centered around these four ideals:


1. Empathy and Understanding in All Things

If you or a loved one need an addiction rehabilitation center, you deserve to be met with the compassion and understanding you deserve. At New Waters Recovery, we believe that showing empathy and understanding in everything we do will allow us to more successfully treat the whole person — emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.

Just as we endeavor to always demonstrate empathy and understanding when interacting with our clients, we also strive to maintain these values in our published content. As such, we work tirelessly to create inclusive content that destigmatizes addiction and recovery treatment while simultaneously providing actionable information for those struggling with addiction.


2. Accessibility is Critical

When you or a loved one is sick or in a vulnerable health situation, it is easy to become overwhelmed with confusing medical information. Undergoing addiction treatment is challenging for both patients and those who love them.

This is why we believe health information should be clear and easy to understand. You deserve to fully understand the medical terms, conditions, and treatment options available, without decoding irrelevant and confusing medical jargon. 


3. Information Must Be Evidence-Based

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, especially concerning health. Regarding your health, accuracy and relevance in information are critical. As a trusted addiction recovery center, it is our responsibility to only publish accurate, evidence-based, and current information.

This is why, when you visit our website, you’ll find only verified information backed by peer-reviewed studies and updated medical journals.


4. Relevance and Inclusivity

We at New Waters Recovery stand for inclusivity within our online content and drug addiction treatment facility. Everyone’s journey with recovery from addiction is different, so we strive to cater our treatments to the individual’s needs.

To provide relevant health information to all people battling addiction, we publish timely, unbiased, and inclusive content for people in every walk of life.

Your Health, Our Priority

Our mission is to be your most trusted source of information for addiction in general, addiction recovery, and long-term support for those struggling and those who love them.

We work hard to maintain our high content standards and continuously improve our editorial process. If you have any questions about our content process, please do not hesitate to contact us.