Executive Chef

Loretta Swanson

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I owe my life and work ethic to the down to earth upbringing by my loving parents. Mixing grit, optimism and passion in equal parts, this is the story of the successes and challenges that followed.

Culinary curiosity would lead me places I never imagined I would be. I got there not because I was the most talented; but because I was the most passionate about the outcome. I still am. 

With wide-eyed abandon I spent years catering private parties in the Hamptons and political fundraising events in NYC; working special events at the Governor’s mansion to helping put together NC State campus events for 10,000+ college students. During this time, I was certain there was no one luckier than me. That is until, in 2018, I was selected to be a part of an advance group that was tasked with bringing to life a new Behavioral Health Hospital in Raleigh – from the ground up. It was in those early days of set up to my final days in kitchen execution I learned something important – food preparation and delivery, for me, is about investing in people. From the simplest grilled cheese sandwich, because you aren’t feeling well, to a lovely fresh Sauteed Chicken Breast paired with your favorite vegetables, to raise your spirits – I am brought to life by caring for people through food.