Graham has dedicated more than a decade to leading operations, business development, and sales initiatives within the addiction treatment industry. As an experienced health care executive, Graham has worked in all facets of the business and has proven himself to be tenacious in creating recovery solutions.


In founding New Waters Recovery, Graham has shown his exceptional ability to recruit top-tier professionals to deliver one of the best treatment options in the country. His unique ability to curate breakthrough business ideas for the recovery process stems from his own battle with substance abuse. In 2008, Graham entered treatment and began his journey to long-term recovery, ultimately discovering his calling to help others in the throes of addiction. Graham believes in a multi-disciplinary team approach to healing, and his greatest passion is in connecting with families to help them navigate the complexities of finding appropriate treatment options.

In his free time, Graham enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. He is an avid fly fisherman and mountain biker.